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The Ins and Outs of Preparing for an IPO: Part One

According to PwC, “Many companies that have successfully gone public have illustrated market support for their product or service that would sustain an increasing annual growth rate over a period of time.” These companies often can use historical sales data to confirm that their products or services are of interest to the consuming and investing .. read more

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A Shortcut When Filing to the SEC

The irony of the SEC defining “plain English” is not lost on me. Read any regulation and you’ll understand. That said, regulations are complex for the protection of both issuer and investor. It’s not the most transparent version of English, however. Here is how plain English is defined for proxy materials per Rule 421(d) under .. read more

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Developing Your Earnings Release

Now that we’re past the bulk of this season’s earnings, a view of how these disclosures get created is warranted. The points below don’t discuss what is in a release, but more who (internally) gets to participate in the workflow. Additionally, although the timeframe of the process is not defined below, it begins the day .. read more

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Even Private Companies Should Have an IR Plan

We have all heard about the importance for companies – private and public – to have a public relations strategy. We rarely hear, however, about the need for an investor relations strategy for privately held companies, which is not usually included in PR plans. Investor relations or IR facilitates effective dialogue between a company and .. read more

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5 Tips When Presenting at an Investor Conference

Hosting an investor day can be a powerful way to raise management visibility and credibility, highlight the depth of your management team, and clarify your company’s value proposition and growth strategy. But planning a successful investor day is no small task. Here are five tips to help you along the way. 1. Have Clear Objectives. .. read more

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Mistakes Made by Public Companies and Their Officers

The complexity and scope of NASDAQ regulation and public security laws have made it difficult for company officers to keep track of all the requirements that are relevant to them. These laws and regulations were made after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a legislation passed by the U.S. Congress to protect the general public and shareholders from .. read more

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Opportunities to Enhance Acquisition Value

The M&A process provides dealmakers with several opportunities to enhance acquisition value as well as pitfalls to destroy it. What defines good targeting, negotiating, due diligence and integrating? Here are five tips from IRP to consider: ONE: Preparation. “I’m always surprised people lack preparation for negotiations as they should,” says Harry Tajyar, Managing Partner of IRP. “They initiate the valuation .. read more

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Stakeholder Engagement Observed from a Public Mining Company

What gets measured, matters. Measuring the effectiveness of stakeholder,investor and other corporate communication activities, however, has always been somewhat ambiguous. Until now. Wharton Professor of Management, Witold Henisz, has found a way of measuring the benefits of stakeholder engagement activities to public mining companies that operate in risky environments. Henisz and two co-authors researched the .. read more

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The Opportunity Cost of Dismissing IR

Why is a stint in investor relations a good groundwork for prospective CFOs? IROs tend to fall into two camps: those for whom the job is the end goal and those for whom it provides further opportunity, or a stepping stone to a higher function. As found in our recent research, the majority of IR .. read more

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Communications: An Overlooked Aspect of Financial Prosperity

It has been abundantly clear start up CEO’s are commonly unprepared for communications with their investors. In addition, their mindset remains un-oriented with their investor networks and skills by regulatory communications. Startups must tackle this conundrum as this advancement of communications excels in parallel with that of technology. Lacking the tools to combat this issue reveals a serious opportunity cost .. read more

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