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Case Studies

insmed-logoInsmed, Inc. (Nasdaq: INSM)

Insmed, Inc., has grown remarkably since it retained our representation over a decade ago. When Insmed initially retained our services, its stock was trading at $0.45 and it was threatened with potential Nasdaq delisting. Within 45 days of the launch of our proprietary delisting program, INSM stock hit a high of $1.36 – more than tripling since the IR program’s launch.  We helped Insmed achieve this jump in value through several steps: publicizing its near-term and longer-term growth prospects, alerting our core group of sophisticated value investors about the company and highlighting a promising test of its anti-cancer EKWX candidate. Our successful program enabled INSM to raise over $14 million with Wells Fargo. Additionally, INSM realized a substantial increase in its institutional ownership as a direct result of the targeted institutional road shows that we implemented.


castelle-logoCastelle Inc. (Nasdaq: CSTL)

Castelle Inc, a manufacturer and distributor of office automation solutions, was facing a Nasdaq delisting when we launched our proprietary delisting program.  The Company’s stock price had long languished at or below $1.00, much less than its cash per share. In just two months, our IR program helped take the Company’s share price to well over $2.00. Not only did that end the delisting threat, but it also put the stock on a sustained upward track that has continued until the Company was acquired at above $3 a share.


LJinternational-logoLJ International (Nasdaq: JADE)

Our engagement with this China-based marketer and distributor of fine jewelry goes back to over a decade. In the 12 months prior to our engagement, JADE’s stock was locked in a range between $1.00 and $1.50. Daily volume was frequently below 10,000 shares and above 100,000 on only one day. Less than three months later – in the second half of September – the share price was around $4.00. In a reflection of the stock’s new liquidity, volume had sharply increased. From July 1 through September 19, JADE had 32 days of 100,000 shares or more. Since then, the stock had been trading with over 150,000 average daily trading volume rising to an average of over 5 million shares a day in the following years. Our program enabled the Company to raise new growth capital with Roth Capital and attract three new side-sell analysts. Additionally, the Company realized a substantial increase in its institutional ownership – – from 2 to more than 36 – – as a direct result of the targeted institutional road shows that we implemented.


QIAO_XING-logoQiao Xing Universal Telephone (Nasdaq: XING)

We implemented an aggressive investor relations program for Qiao Xing, one of China’s largest manufacturer of telephones, in an effort to raise the Company’s U.S. profile and share values.  Following our initial program launch, its stock price more than quadrupled. Average daily trading volume in the fourth quarter – the time of our IR program – was four times the third-quarter level. After the success of the initial program, the Company continued with our 12-month IR program. Our ability to maintain steady demand for its shares in the U.S. market helped finance the company’s growth, enabling moves such as the acquisition of CEC Telecom LTD, a subsidiary of the largest state-owned electric company including a major Chinese manufacturer of both CDMA and GSM mobile phones.


spacehab-logoSPACEHAB (Nasdaq: SPAB)

SPACEHAB, a longtime NASA contractor involved in the space shuttle program, retained our services after it was threatened with Nasdaq National Market delisting. SPACEHAB’s stock rose nearly 48% during the course of our program with average trading volume of more than double the average of the previous month. SPACEHAB received formal notice from Nasdaq that it now meets all listing requirements and its share price continued its upward momentum for over a year reaching highs of almost $5.00


icg-logoInternet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE)

We helped this incubator of software and service firms gain the liquidity it needed for continued Nasdaq listing and a business turnaround. Our engagement with ICGE started when the company was setting the stage for a return to profitability and shaking off the after-effects of the dot-com bust. The impact of our intervention showed up most dramatically in the trading volume. In the three months before our engagement, daily volume averaged 12.2 million shares. Over the next three months, it rose 164% to 32.2 million shares. Near the end of our program, the average volume stood at 45.5 million shares, or 273% above the levels before we entered the picture.

Subsequent to this, ICGE declared a 1-to-20 reverse stock split and maintained its Nasdaq listing. This achievement would have been far more difficult without the liquidity reflected in the sharp rise in volume under our IR program. Since the split, ICGE has been trading extremely strong with the share price having realized an almost 100% appreciation. (Nasdaq: UBET)

Los Angeles-based is the U.S.’ largest legal online gaming company and the only such firm that offers live coverage from and wagering accessibility to all major racetracks, representing virtually 100% of horse racing content.

Through our efforts, we were able to increase the Company’s share price from $0.50 to over $3.00 within a three month period on substantial volume. As a result, UBET achieved Nasdaq compliance.


emerge_interactiveeMERGE Interactive (Nasdaq: EMRG)

eMERGE Interactive is a technology company providing VerifEYE food-safety systems, individual-animal tracking and database management services to the $40 billion beef industry. The Company’s individual animal-tracking technologies include CattleLog, an exclusive data-collection and reporting system that enables beef-verification and branding. Its patented, exclusive food-safety technologies include VerifEYE, a meat-inspection system.

As a result of our proprietary delisting program, eMerge’s share price increased more than 55% from $0.80 to $1.24. As a result of our efforts, the Company avoided delisting.


mediabay-logoMediaBay, Inc. (Nasdaq: MBAY)

MediaBay Inc., is a media company specializing in spoken audio content, marketing and publishing, whose businesses include direct response and interactive marketing, retail product distribution, media publishing and broadcasting. MediaBay is one of the world’s largest sellers of spoken word products, principally audiobooks and old-time radio shows, through direct response channels including the Internet. The Company’s vast library of old-time radio shows includes approximately 60,000 titles.

After retaining our services, MediaBay’s stock price grew 90% from $0.86 to $1.63 almost two months later. Trading volume increased 1261% from an average of 26,600 shares to an average of 361,900 shares during this period.  MediaBay’s shares traded at a 52-week high of $1.91 at the end of our IR program.


teknowledge-logoTeknowledge Corp. (Nasdaq: TEKC)

With Teknowledge Corp., a software company engaged in government R&D and commercial applications for the financial services industry, we initiated the first phase of our IR program nearly a decade ago. The Company’s stock price steadily rose as we made our carefully targeted list of investors aware of its story. Before the program started, TEKC shares had only hit the $1 mark on two days since the start of the year and were in danger of being delisted from the Nasdaq SmallCap market.  During the course of our program, the stock jumped 30% to close at $1.18 and continued its climb throughout the year reaching a high of over $5.00.


rocketinfo-logoRocketinfo, Inc. (OTCBB: RKTI)

Rocketinfo is a leading supplier of search technologies and real-time news and business information. After retaining our services, RKTI’s stock has realized a more than 200% appreciation, hitting a high of $3.00. Average daily trading volume also increased to over 60,000 shares per day.


hudson_resources-logoHudson Resources, Inc. (TSX.V: CA:HUD)

This diamond exploration and mining company trades on the Vancouver exchange as CA:HUD.  Before our IR program, its shares were priced at 30 cents a share (Canadian) and the prior three months’ volume averaged less than 7,800 shares per day. Three months later, the share price stood at 58 cents – a gain of 93%. Average daily share volume had risen to over 12,400.